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Elephant bird egg (Aepyornis maximus)

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  • Height: 34,00 cm

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Aepyornis maximus

Origin: Southern Madagascar

Very rarely these eggs are found whole. They are the largest eggs ever laid by a bird. The egg is 160x bigger than a chicken egg. Suppose that about 40 really whole eggs have been found.

 This egg had a small erosion hole and has been restored by a professional company with years of experience.

The hole is no longer visible. An X-ray can be taken on request.


In 2014, an ancient elephant bird egg was auctioned at Christie's in London for £122,500 (almost one and a half tons in euros!).


The egg was found in southern Madagascar in 2018. Its age is estimated to be 1500 years. This is determined by the soil layer in which it lay.

Sir David Attenborough and the famous writer Errol Fuller both own an egg. Naturalis in Leiden also has an egg.

The name elephant bird comes from Marco Polo from his book Rukh. √Čtienne de Flacourt, a French governor of Madagascar in the 1640s and 1650s described giant ostriches believed to have seen the elephant bird. This means that it was not yet extinct at that time.

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